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WackOjig® Tips-N-Techniques - How to fish a WackOjig®

WackOjig® Tips-N-Techniques


Our Pro-Staff has had huge success flipping the WackOjig™ around boat docks, at the bases of stumps on wooded banks, & in and around brush piles. With the position of the ring on the head + the weed-guard, the WackOjig™ is just as snag resistant as a regular Jig-n-pig. Yes, that's right.... Flip it the same as if it were a regular Jig-N-Pig!! Don’t be afraid to throw it in the heavy stuff.


If you’re skipping a wacky worm under docks or low lying branches, the benefit of using the WackOjig™ in lieu of using a conventional wacky jig, is you’re not putting stress on the soft plastic at the point of insert at the hook. The Stick Bait or Senko is held tightly in the ring, and will not rip off the hook under the repeated torture of skipping a wacky rig under cover. You can skip a wacky worm simply using an 0-ring and weedless circle hook, but you’re not going to get the benefit of using the weight of the WackOjig™ to put that wacky worm further in the back. That extra foot or two may put that kicker in your live-well.


The WackOjig™ can be fished over open water, or over shallow water grass beds.

Ledge Wack’in:

Find those drop offs where the bass live; drag, hop, or twitch your WackOjig™ on the bottom, you’ll definitely give them something “new on the Menu”.

Fishing Vertical:

When the bass are suspended over open water or Lake points, try positioning yourself over them using your graph, and drop the WackOjig™ down to the depth they’re at. We’ve had a lot of success by using sharp/short/erratic twitches with the rod tip. Try changing up your presentation and color.


If you are a shakey head fan, the WackOjig™ can be fished just as a shakey jig.

NEW!!! Wack-N-Spin:

Take a barrel swivel, attach a Spinner, slide the open end of the barrel swivel over the hook, attach a trailer keeper to keep the spinner on, swim slow or fast.  

Bed Fishing:

What is there to say? The WackOjig™ has an awesome action with the slightest twitch of your rod. With the position of the WackOjig’s head on the hook, it stays upright on the bottom every cast. Flip it in that sweet-spot, let it soak, twitch it, let it soak…. set the hook! Don’t forget to put that Power-Pole® down!!!!

Sick Stick'in

To consistently be successful on the water, anglers must always adjust their presentation to best suit the mood of the bass they're fishing. The 5" Sick Stick, by Power Team Lures, was specifically designed to be fished with a weighted wacky head to give anglers complete control of the amount of action needed to trigger strikes, no matter what mood the bass are in. This neutrally buoyant stick bait is comprised of a square core encased in round rings which adds more flash and visual stimulant, along with a controllable shimmy as the bait drops. When the bass are in a negative mood, rig the Sick Stick on a 3/16oz. WackOjig™ for a slow fall with a tight subtle wobble. For more aggressive bass, rig it on a 5/16oz. WackOjig™ for a wider "rock and roll" wobble and a faster fall. This bait is also deadly when rigged on a WackOjig™ - Football or Round Shakey Head Jig. 

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