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History of the WackOjig

Just a little "Did you know" ... WackOjig History >>>>

The jig in our logo is a photograph of the actual “First” WackOjig® ever made. It was our first prototype. We made one more using a "homemade" mold, until the mold cracked on the second pour. Only 2 of a kind!

Here’s how the WackOjig Came about………….

It all started on an annual 7 day trip to Toledo Bend in 2009. The setting was nothing special. It was a typical last week of February with cloudy skies, scattered showers, and cold winds. It was definitely not a comfortable trip to start out. The first day was a struggle; only 2 decent fish in the boat, and several dinks. Definitely, a sure moral killer looking at the outcome of the rest of our trip. The second day got a little better. The sun would pop out every hour or two, with chilly winds and occasional sprinkles still falling through the air. Day 3 turned out to be the day we should have arrived. It was a Toledo Bend slug fest from then on to say the least! We stuck all of our fish on Shakey jigs, a jerkbait, and wacky rigged Stick baits.

Only a few days into the trip, my partner & I stumbled across a spot near Raney Creek that was loaded with big bedding females. They were deep, and the only way we could get a bite was on a wacky rigged stick bait. To catch them we had to let our rig sink down about 8-10 feet to where they were bedding. But the wind made this impossible for most of the trip. We could only find 1/8oz wacky jigs. We tried inserting lead nails in each tip of the bait to help keep it down, but that didn’t work. It killed the action. And we could only catch 1 fish/Senko on the wacky jig we were using. Our worms would tear or sling off on every fish.

With nothing but high-wind forecasted for the next few days of our trip, I can remember disappointedly looking at the 1/8oz. wacky jig in my hand, and pausing for a moment. I looked over at my partner and said, “When I go home, I’m gonna make a wacky jig with a ring molded into the head, something with some frazzlin weight, and maybe the worms won’t tear off on every cast!”

On the long trip back to Mississippi, all I could think about was those bass I knew were lying there, and I couldn’t get them. That new wacky jig I promised was also on my mind the whole way back. As soon as I got home, I went straight to my shop. I made a mold to fit a hook I used for my shakey jigs. The next day the mold was done. I inserted the hook, poured in lead, & out came something that would change the way I fish forever.

I took the two jigs I made to a stocked pond that next morning. I tied one of the jigs on, inserted a senko, and started hammering the bass. Only something was different about my little trip. There were over 30 eater size bass in my ice chest, but I realized that only 3 worms were missing from my pack! I knew then the WackOjig would be something special.

That’s it. That’s how it came about. Nothing more than the outcome of small talk on a normal fishing trip, or a simple frustration turned into a simple solution.

-David Bond-


To find out the many ways to fish a WackOjig®, visit our Tips-N-Techniques page. If you learn something new on how to catch more bass on the WackOjig®, let us know. Your tip just might be posted.

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