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BED Fishing with the WackOjig® !!

1st Place: 26 lbs.-2 oz.

Lunker 7 lbs.-14 oz.

The WackOjig® comes in a 3 pack, and features a super sharp Black Nickel Finish 4/0 Mustad hook w/ wire weed guard. The WackOjig® is designed to hold your soft plastic Senko or Stick Worm, so that it can be cast over & over again without the worm ripping off the hook. Simply insert your worm into the patent pending keeper ring, and position the ring in the center of the worm. You can swim the WackOjig® through shallow or deep water, fish it on bottom, or you can flip it in heavy cover. Our jigs are Powder Coated with premium paint, and oven baked for added durability. All jig eyes now come pre-cleaned, ready to fish straight out the package.

 The WackOjig® was developed with the fishermen's pocket book in mind, fewer worms lost equals more money saved. Try out the new Sick Stick worm by: Power Team Lures

Page Updated 11/1/2018

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